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Lead has been and continues to be popular for its individual aesthetic appearance. It is a historical, traditional building material used for many architectural details linked to our heritage.

However, with increasing demand for rainwater harvesting, environmental and health concerns may be raised about the continued use of lead for roof projects; typically larger flat roof areas, where rain water run-off is to be controlled. This could apply, for example, where the harvested water comes into human contact.

Consideration must be given to the ‘Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002’ which highlights the Health & Safety issues.

Dryseal Heritage is an environmentally beneficial alternative to lead for flat or low pitched roofing applications
Where to use Dyrseal

Dryseal is designed for use on the following properties:

Domestic Flat or low pitched roofs for garages, dormers, porches, bay windows and extensions.

Commercial Residential Multi-storey apartment buildings, flats or converted houses occupied by tenants.

Commercial & Industrial Commercial, industrial and public sector buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and universities.

Heritage Dryseal can be used as the ideal alternative, or complement, to Lead for traditional and heritage buildings.

Dryseal is particularly suitable for

 Flat or low pitched roofs

Valley, secret and box gutters

Vertical cladding

Complex detailing

Full Parapet encapsulation

DRYSEAL GRP Roofing for flat and Low Pitched Roofing

Strengths and benefits of the Dryseal system

Two membranes are available: the new RibTec ribbed membrane and a standard flat membrane. Both are suitable for most flat and low pitched roof applications.

RibTec’s advantage is that the slight textured effect of the surface ribbing provides an aesthetically attractive and more uniform roof finish.

The membranes are mechanically fixed, and are able to move independently of the underlying roof layers of differing composition. They therefore adapt with more flexibility to minor movements within the substrate or structure.

For roofscapes where limited but regular access is required the weather-coat can be upgraded to incorporate an anti-slip finish.

Where unrestricted foot traffic is required, Dryseal can accommodate all established methods of surface protection such as paving slabs, promenade tiles and decking etc. subject to the suitability of the underlying roof construction.

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